We need to learn the operating principles of intelligence.

What does it mean to understand something?

How do you create meaningful behavior in an efficient manner?

Maestro ai is an effort to answer these questions through the creation of the simplest possible thinking machine.

We need a generalized sensorimotor inference engine that can learn anything on its own.

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Maestro ai is not a musician.

It is an attempt at creating a generalized sensorimotor inference engine:

A system that explores its environment all on its own to learn how the environment works.

Once it has learned how the environment works it can manipulate that environment any way you like.

It can work with any environment.

It can learn to do anything.

It's essentially generalized machine learning.

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Our approach to creating an ultra-simplified sensorimotor inference engine has been to:

1. Use fundamentals of information theory.

2. Always take the simplest possible path.

3. Rely on structure over computation.

4. Rely on reasoning by analogy to reduce the state-space search.

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